Terms of use


This H2Converter Service Agreement describes the Terms and Conditions on which h2converter.com (H2Converter) offer services to you.H2Converter is operated by Condi.

By using our add-on, you accept to our current Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions:

1. You are only responsible for the data (in this context: URL) that you sends to the H2Converter service. The illegal exchanges of protected works and recordings as well as hacking harm artistic creation and also not having any respect for the laws in force should be reminded. The respect of the artistic and intellectual property is one thing you should keep in mind when using our applications, or else, it may give place to judgments and continuations.

2. It is only allowed to access content which was uploaded to the hosting platform (for example YouTube) by an authorised third party. The user is obliged to check respective rights concerning the content

3. Any use of links (such as Youtube) without authorization from a third party is strictly prohibited

4. H2Converter is meant for making a copy/recording of legal downloadable online videos for users’ personal use (fair use) – not commercial use. Any further use of the content recorded/ downloaded by H2Converter – particularly but not specifically creating the content openly accessible or using it for commercial purposes, must be agreed upon with the rights’ holder of the particular downloaded content. The user will take full responsibility for all related actions to the transmitted data by H2Converter. H2Converter does not – and will not – grant any rights to such contents, as we only act as a technical service provider.

5.You – as a user of our service – take full responsibility for checking the validity of your use of H2Converter. The validity of using our service may conflict with your current location due to local laws. H2Converter only provides the technical platform for all that matter. Thus, H2Converter does not take any liability towards you or any 3rd party for the validity of downloading content via H2Converter.

8. H2Converter is a free service which does not offer any assurance of any kind as for its use.

7. H2Converter withholds the right to discontinue or change any of our services at any time.

By using our service you are accepting our terms of use.


1. It is available to use our website without submitting your personal data as a rule. However, collected personal data such as email addresses, location, and name on our websites in so far, then this is always done as long as possible on a spontaneous basis. For you to provide such data willingly, it will not be sent to 3 parties without your certain approvement.

2. The fact that the transmission of your data on the internet such as the procedure of communication per email can be an object to security susceptibility. Unlimited protection of data from the approach of 3rd parties is not available. The use of published contact data within the framework of our agreements as a corporation by 3rd parties for the sending of information and promotional material which have not been certainly requested is herewith certainly forbidden. The managers of this website certainly hold the right to take legal steps in the case of reckless promotional material being sent without having been required, such as in the form of spams.