1. FASTER: Just type h2 to download YouTube videos!

  1. View a video on YouTube.
  2. In the URL location box, addh2 before
  3. Get links to download the video. ( no software, no copy/paste! )

2. Firefox / Chrome / Safari Addon

h2Convert Tube is a Youtube download application that after you install it, there will be a download button on Youtube. It allows you to download or convert youtube video to mp3, mp4 in the fastest way, with just one click. H2Convert Tube supports almost every web browser, please choose your browser below to install this addon.

H2Convert Tube is a free Youtube download addon, it does not cause any harm to your computer, please remove other similar addons to use this application the best.

Install <strong>Chrome Addon</strong>
Install Chrome Addon

Install <strong>Firefox Addon</strong>
Install Firefox Addon
Install <strong>Chrome Addon</strong>
Install Opera Addon

Install <strong>Safari Addon</strong>
Install Safari Addon
Firefox / Chrome / Safari Addon

3. Bookmarklet

Drag this button onto your links toolbar: h2Converter!

Click on the H2Converter! button when watching a video to convert it.